Solutions to the problems.:-):-)

Question:– Am Getting fat day by day. I seriously want to get that hotie figure back. But unable to take proper action. What to doo??
Hey sweet human, don’t worry about that its just weight which will shed down little by little if the efforts are taken positively and in right direction.
Keep following points in mind😊
1- keep a constant check on your calories.
2- Eat foods having more of roughage then calories as they keep full for long time.
3- stay Away from sweets but don’t punish urself eat a little if u r craving for long but make sure it should be made by saturated fats and healthy ingredients.
3- Make a work out plan for urself be it for half an hour.
4- please stay away from many of the roasted and oily indian foods while u are on ur wieght loss journey
5- Eat with brain not with heart

6- Trust the process🤘🤘

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