I am a mixed blend

And obviously in a trend

Those orthodox uncles aunties

Who throw their pun.

Barely know am an awesome Fun.


Finance all around

With a clinch of law

All debit credits

Make mind blow


Vouchers vendor waiver warranty

Can’t be covered in a single entry

Endorsement, Draft, Dividend and Depreciation

Everything has a charming association

Oh! Oh! I missed the basic algorithm

Debit all expenses

Credit every income


Acceptance of bills, Agreements and Annuity

All accommodations are done with genuinity.

Assets, Assessment, Bad Debts and Balance Sheet

Auditors peep in with a vigilant feat


HR, Stocks, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

I cover everything that builds community relationship

Finance has its own widest place

Every CA actually undergoes its grace

All corporate have their top trace

Where CA’s , CS’s and MBA’s confidently embrace


Okay dear readers

Let’s swim into taxation

What makes it complicated are “Deductions” and  “Exemptions”

The list is long to that extant

So, make your mind not a bucket rather a big tank

But, still its interesting,

Interesting as Hell!!

Practical feels more engaging who cares MAXWELL!!



These businesses and start-ups are actually my invention

SWOT analysis indeed requires a great attention

I generate employment

From the start to the end

Working class rush to CA’S

To file ITR at the year end

Now you know am crucial to the economy

So, make me your friend but not an enemy.

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