It wasn’t a dream

Neither it was reality

Though made me excited apparently

Filled me with joy inherently


Few things I knew back then

Their will gonna be people with knowledge Den


One was lanky

Another was cranky

One was hot headed

One was a little faded

One was calm

Another was composed

I met everyone with a smile bronzed



Let’s now come to working space

Cabins all around

With a petite place

AC’s on the roof top

With an increased full speed

Will make your body hair shiver down

Like a helpless geek


Then comes that luncheon hour

Some rush to canteen with their spicy cauliflower

Other lot just sit, on their assigned tables

Open their lunches

With those glittering giggles


OH! OH! OH! I missed the reception hustle

Have to enter my name

With that hazy hustle

Though I go everyday

Hanking or planking

Yet that guard has to check my belongings

I was like AHHA! Am a lady with credentials

But can’t do anything

It’s their duty to be confidential


It was an experience to be cherished after all

Met knew people in this little knoll

I will gonna miss every personality

Everyone blended something into my potentiality!









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