Hope shines the soul

Hey Miss rosy silent….

Your initial years were quite vibrant

Then came that  atrocious phase.

Where you met a toxic trait.


You admired him the most

But he was a roasted toast

Never valued you the way you should be

And little by little you lost your innate bee


No cheers , no chattery

You became a low morale battery

Imagery, past and shit ran more.

You brain became a dark black hole.


Day by day you gathered guts

Rose like a hurricane

With a peaceful thud.


You gave a new birth to you

By you!

For you!

Then lined the whole world in a perfect queue.


Hey you stress  less and laugh a lot more.

Don’t you follow your past anymore

Peace come to those who thy seek.

A self proclaimed prisoner can never be released.


OH! My sweetheart

You are a lighting lamp.

Shine bright like a sun.

Be cheerful like a lamb.





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