Ways to forget a person.

1) hey gloomy human we can understand the type of emotional trauma you must be going through however do remember “Nothing last forever not even you!” so does your feelings for the one who did not loved you back

2) Pledge with yourself that you will become the love you never received.

3) Stop counting on your flaws, it may be you never had one .It’s just that the other person lost all his attraction towards you.

4)Promise youlself to keep your life flexible in the comming lifespan. Accept the fact that rejections are farely normal we all should be ready for it in advance.

5) Don’t always keep feeling sad for not happening things in the order you dreamt of.Life isn’t this,it’s even more to it ,its enagmatic, inimical, uncertain, and unexpected but still Hella beautiful 💫.

6) Whenever you remember your lost love keep a phrase in handy to repeat again and again within your mind. Such as “Everything will be okey” ,
“No matter what am strong”,
“More self love baby” ,
“I am me more more me”

7) Cry out hard if you feel like crying.Crying isn’t the sign of being
weak, infact it’s the mechanism where you Vomit out all the hurt, pain and anguish in the form of tears.
There are people who don’t actually get the tears and die small deaths day by day.
Thus, it’s always better to destroy the shit rather being destroyed by it.

8) Don’t ever think of taking the revenge that’s actually kills your time and again you are giving worth to the other person more despite investing the same time on your self improvement.

9)Just because you are hurt and want someone’s campanianship so you are deciding to come again in to an another relationship to escape  the pain. This doesn’t actually serve the purpose rather engage with some other only when you are ready to leave everything behind and won’t be at all affected if the previous partner came in to your life and you are too very sure that you won’t allow them again to snatch your peace.

10)Keep yourself busy in productive tasks fill your day with such a routine that once you hit the bed you finally be sleeping within few minutes. This prevents late night
Feelings huphazards and sleep deprivation and also makes your life a little better and effective.

‌11) Whenever you feel sad and nostalgic go to people who make you forget your sadness, do things which give you solace such as a light walk around visinity, if you are  a writer write something out, if you are a latent singer sing something out loud, if you are an introvert  watch a funny video, if you are a reader read a piece of writing.Do anything which will help you out in distancing with the  negativity and despondense  however, make sure its something productive but not felonious and forbidden.

‌12)I know nothing is as  easy as it looks on the face of it,however you will do it little by little.If the efforts are taken in a right direction with a matured mindset nothing is far more supirior then your willpower.May you will be relieved with the depression eating you up, the uneasiness restricting your potential, and the dark shedows holding you back.

‌13) Towards the end, I would say
‌ “स्वस्थ रहो, मस्त रहो और व्यस्त रहो!!”

Be healthy, be cool, be busy!!

‌”Be healthy, Be cool, Be busy”

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