Hey Mis Life!

Got my wits
And all routine chits
All those time tables
But not dark lables

Gone are the days
When we used to be kid
Slaying here and there
With bottles lid

Transformation from school
To the college confluence
From that home feels france
To the unknown rental trance

With Many new friends
And a handful of Jems
Life goes dragging
Or follows pompous trends

Flooding to the shades
And solving all trades
In those emotional threats
Without exchange prospects

If I talk to you more
Am not a women but a whore
If I do on face flirt
Am a full on slut!!

If I love cooking
My mind is a creamy pudding
If am that intellectual breed
Then what cast and creed?

I pity you for..
Always being wrong.
I am the Queen..
Who can win thrones

My man should keep me
Like a precious delight
Coz I stand always
By his side

I gather all guts
To profess his victory
I forgo my choices
To keep him happy

We both are players
Let’s have a fair play
Spread respect and purity
Don’t do more delay

___Sofia Malik

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