More Self love

In all exuberance

In unbothered pranks

Satiety in cold bath tub

I lost self love


Asking for acceptance

With rude ,cruel world

Hanging on the people

In unusual relations

I lost self love


Adieu to less sugarated tea

And low carbs milk

To be okay with less veggies

And marginally less fruit plump

I lost self love


Engrossed in readings

In unreciprocated pleadings

In unchanted discussions

I lost self love


With the desire to meet

And share some greets

With the hope of good times

Without the Amazon primes

I lost self love


With the uncertainty of love

And more dark bluff

Giving what all it takes

Not getting the favoured efforts

I lost self love


In some lovable scene

And the  environment so serene

In those cozy hugs

I lost self love


With the expectation of obvious times

In a wood or under a pine

With a promise to care a heart

Without getting well regards

I lost self love


Little by little knowing my  worth

Using my loopholes, to raise the trends

Then came a point

And the whole game changed

—by sofia Malik

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