How to stop procrastination?


1) The things which are important remain always in our subconscious brains. However,we Find ways to escape them over and over again,such as, A random scroll on your Instagram feed,or switching over to a thought which has no connection with the important task you thought to procrastinate.

In order to stop wasting time give yourself a simple thought.Start talking to yourself because everyone knows himself better than anyone else in this world.You know your potential,your weakness, your all the habits.So, start step by step.
Ask  yourself why you are escaping the thought of doing something productive? Is it too difficult that if you start you won’t be able to continue?

In such case start searching for the people who will help you out with the difficulty further,and a very crucial point to consider is ego.It should not interfere in your learnings put that to a side and be humble enough to accept the fact that you can’t make head and tails turn for the topic or a piece of academic stuff and so, taking help from someone is the bestest decision you can make.

2) Another question which can trigger your brain is that, the productive stuff will take       hell lot of time?
So for  this excuse of yours, I would suggest you to believe in the process, anything productive takes time, you distracted, you come to path , you loose upon some other things, you feel frustrated for things not happening  the way you wanted, despite all that,  you gain resilience to start again.
Thus, all of this takes time, at the end you have to trust the process and stop making your distractions wide enough to engulf you into them and leaving the mission aside.

3) If you aren’t feeling like doing the task  but you actually want to do it. then start with the simplest activity required to step ahead in the task. For instance, If you want to take bath but you are not feeling like, then try getting up from the bed not with the motive of taking bath but just to change the mood, after getting up you will realise, its better brushing your teeth and thus, you will be accustomed to water, in order to proceed further, start deciding the clothes you want to wear after bath, take them out from your wardrobe, little by little head on to accomplish the task and feel greatful from within that you are actually doing it. Finally, you will be in a position to do it. This was just an example, however every work follows the same principle. Now you know why people become all rounder they actually follow the same principle in the very normal day to day task.
At the end, things which aren’t of our likings take time but we can actually accomplish them too if we are willing to.
Everything depends on ones willpower that should be the strongest amongst all,  little by little we start to gain perseverance, and patience to reach the destination.

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