My College Squade

Meet my comfy and cheerful space
With lot of glittering grateful grace
Stars of their respective states
With distinguished speciality traits

One shares all the chattery jokes
To cheer the passive folks

Another comes who
Gives you a pretty woo
Reacts in ages
Thus counted among sages

Then comes this naughty sub group
From the tiny main group
They ignite the conversations
With full preparations
And, target a sweet chin
Then proceed with thick and thin

One gives the best available advice
But that actually doesn’t suffice

When I go almost haywire
Stuck in the dingy and  dark tiers
I call my best benevolent fits
They resolve all the gloomy spirits

One is the  excellent study mate
‌Another is an overall opposite trait
‌one feels like, the second home
Another prepares you, the best for prome

You chaps have , all my heart
I am there for every momental tart
Apologies for my unintentional deeds
A friend in need is the friend indeed

—-Sofia Malik

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