You possess satiety and the ultimate solace
No humiliations, no clashes
No dislikes,no hates

A lot of cheers
Dances with the happy glares

Mommy prepares you,the bestest Foods
Sisters check out, the handsome T.V dudes
Your brother actually, sucks you the most
Converts you into a burning toast

T.V remote is indeed, a priced possession
Everyone wants to hold, with full satisfaction

Papa sits in to a corner like a non entity
If kids howl and shout its mother’s guarantee

Friendly fights are the usual affairs
We have our best truth and dares
When we start our legitimate art works
We indeed need every colour truck

Make up lessions with dance tutorials
You can imagine the rest factorials
It’s so cool to have more sisters
We practice , we read to be next ministers
Home made facials and aloevera gel
If this isn’t regular at your home
I am ringing the surprised bell

Youngest siblings always rule
Annoying everyone for them
Is super duper coool!
Mamma is everybody’s lucky charm
Gives the tutorials better than Instagram

Papa checks your productivity graph
And you know what?
It only reaches to draft
Mention your every useless task
Yet gather all the materials
For your needed craft

…by Sofia Malik

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