Why you shouldn’t stop when you feel like stopping everything?

It’s pretty scary to know that people go through some life situations which make them still for a while, for years, for life infact, they just exist and forget living  the way they used to back then.

So to all those gloomy souls Who are just existing and left their cheers in an unknown corner of their hearts which they don’t want to get back to because  it’s even difficult to live again, it’s difficult to forget what they have gone through, it’s difficult to bring back that old cheerful you.

So here I tell you why you should make an effort to search your happiness which you lost over the time, whatever happened has happened already  you can’t change that but you can change what’s going to happen to you next, you can change the direction of your life boat. You are the manager  of your life boat make it a great cruise because, at the end you should matter the most to yourself.

Further, taking a break is okay even much needed to move on, however, delving in to the deep past and emotional hurt again and again can’t reduce it. Instead it intensifies.

I know a lady who went through a heartbreak and how long she waited for the man she loved , Then I also know a child who lost his father in an accident and how much he changed later , Things never transform in the way they used to be.They just alter and none has a control on them, try taking them as one side aspect and not the whole problem. For example if a lady was hurt that’s the only problem she had and the rest was in the normal pace, she had friends, she had her family, she was doing well in her academic life. Thus, she should have been greatful for what was in place , not what had fallen apart and broken, this is only the one aspect which wasn’t fixed rest all was awesome in its place.

I know our heart and brain don’t stop for even a while thinking about what has gone wrong with us however , In order to live life some wrongs has to be part and parcel, that’s what make some rights valuable and worthy to fall in to place.

Also, there was one girl who suddenly came across an Instagram account of another girl, she kept on watching everything on the feed then the stories she shared daily, apparently she become her secret admirer within few months, not only this, it become her daily habit to go through her account no matter how busy she had been the whole day. To add on, by Co- incidence that Instagrammer was going through the same life situations as the girl was, she had a break up with her boyfriend or you can say she was apparently unloved by the same person who loved her with full bounds somewhere in the past. Thus ,dealing this situation is non less then chewing the iron nuts but still, you have to accept the reality and move on, for yourself, for your peace, for self care and self gratification,

The way that instagrammer replicated and faced the situations made  that girl strong enough to overcome what she had been going through.

Now think about the situation where that Instagrammer would have stopped everything because she went through a situation which involved an excruciating pain but still she kept going for her followers and apparently that girl who never knew her in person neither she to her. Despite that, the girl got inspired , got guts to face the odds, to keep moving, to keep spreading positivity and optimism.

Towards the end never make your worth too low, you never know who you are inspiring, who all out there getting a spark from what you practice. Be cheerful, Be strong.

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