How to overcome that heavy feeling?

Well,  let’s  talk about  how difficult  it is to speak when all you feel is a heavy heart pumping  gigantically  and your neck feels gutted with uprooted anguish  and disguised. You feel like the whole weight  on you,  You feel like not doing anything,  You just  want to sit back  somewhere  un uninterrupted ,  being lost and forget  about  the whole ambience around.

Further,  It feels heavy to discuss  things,  to find someone  reasonably  understandable  enough  to vent out all that’s  eating  you inside making you hollow and still for hours,  for weeks,  for years  in fact.

Thus, Keeping everything  aside,  I just wanted  to tell you that you are much more stronger then what your pains are,  these trivial  things should  not stop you from living, and experiencing  all the bounties that life and future  has in store  for you. There is an another angle to life too, which you have lost the track of,  their lives bliss,  self-contentment,  and the luxury  of happiness.

Go peep in to it, find your solace, because no one can make you do that until you want to do yourself.

Here I explored some of the ways to surpass the unwelcomed pain giving intruders who overpower our brain and make us feel useless and negative about our self.

1)Whenever  the situation  of stillness arise  try standing  up and do a random  stuff or any activity  which comes  to your mind, like go take you clothes  out from wardrobe and start trying  them up, it is not insane it’s  therapy  and it works,  or go sit beside  a small kid,  or an old person  they have a lot to discuss which can make you forget what’s going on in your brain. Well, these are only some Ideas ,in fact, you can have a hell lot of activities to pick or whatever  gives you satisfaction

Reminder don’t  always  feel guilty  for not being productive for that time being when what all you are doing is to take a step towards being productive because  for being productive  you should  be mentally  present, thus,  measure  your presence  in the moment rather being somewhere  physically  and nowhere  mentally

2)Open a comedy  show on TV,  on Phone,  and book one if it’s  manageable  and affordable but don’t  let yourself  be the victim  of what’s  already  ruining you.

3)Try counting  people on whom you can count on,  suddenly  you will  realize that there are so many people  out there to give their ears to what you talk,  what you say,  what you discuss.  Apparently you won’t feel alone  ,fighting  your own battles with some of unseen demons.

4)Try and repeat  the fact that some things  aren’t  meant  to be no matter  how much best  you try,  but they don’t  turn out in your favour.  Thus, letting go of things is peaceful , better  and calm in long run.

5)When we stick  on to the things we stick to them for  too much long that it becomes  difficult  to come out  from that  vicious circle,  and we forget  the fact that life is intriguing  in its own ways.

6)Eventually  you will meet the people who are tired  of the games too and their loyalty  will match yours,  until then laugh  at your confusions,  ponder  on to your unique  self, put yourself  first.

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