Hear I wanted to share with you all my one of the experience lately, so right after 10th boards one of our relative asked me for my advice, for his kid, as to what stream he should pursue,

(He did not know that I had commerce stream, he just knew that I had been doing good in my academics since long so he better ask me about his kid too… )

So his kid scored between the range of 80 to 90%, after telling me all the relevant information he said,’’ I think that my kid should choose science because, commerce and Humanities are for low grade students.’’

Guess what, I was awestruck and what my ears heard is the mentality of almost 90%of Indians.

However, This shouldn’t be the scenario. I have numerous of examples where people did not choose science stream just because they scored well, fortunately I am one of them and I entirely proud of my choices so far without any guilt to follow my heart, I had the desire to do something in the field of commerce and finance, something in entrepreneurship so I headed with my choice to choose commerce. Like every Indian parents my parents too wanted me to choose science initially, so do my teachers as I scored 10/10 CGPA.

Being genuine to the roots, am not boasting about myself but I just want to put forward the fact that no stream is less or more everything has it’s equivalent significance,

To emphasize more, I want to mention one of my friend, Who happily choose Humanities even after scoring 10CGPA, because she wanted  to go in to policy Making, she wanted to do something in social sector and to land her hand in framing the economy of the country.

 This bashing for art side and commerce background is an utter disrespect to half of the people working in other sector and not specifically in science.

Anyone, who earns, generates an income, have to consult a CA every year at least once unless he has to face warnings and troubles from the Revenue Department of the country.

Tell me honestly, who doesn’t need a lawyer when its a deep imbedded case with a lot of argumentation involved.

As much we need the vaccine for covid-19 , so so much we need  people to plan the other course of actions such as how it has to be distributed?, people are required to calculate the budget for the same, people are required to issue guidelines. To add on, as many numbers a  CA and commerce student calculate all through their academic life, even if 1%of that amount gets credited in to your account, You might can become a millionaire.

Hope I became successful to a certain level in adding  value to these crucial disciplines.

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