Dear All Feminist,

Being feminist doesn’t at all mean that you do anything and claim that right in the name of feminism. Rather it means to be as Passionate and ambitious about your dreams as any one couldn’t be who forsee a successful future. Also, it’s not at all mean to degrade the other gender but to make them realize that we don’t fight for for equality rather we fight for opportunities, for space ,for the pious affirmations and for clean sight from the world around rather then being looked as a sex object. Further, as far as equality is concerned, it is needed when two things are of same kind. But here, you are complete within yourself, U ARE ENOUGH! Male and female are as essential as food and water, they both are different but you can’t live if any of them snatched away from you.



The proverb laughter is the best medicine means that laughter is the best way to recover. The  implication of this proverb is that laughter is better at curing us than other things. Medicine here means more generally a cure, or something that makes you feel better. It could mean a cure to a physical ailment or psychological ailment. Recent studies on laughter shows that laughing with others releases endorphins in the brain (our home-grown fuel chemical ).via Opioid receptors.

Laughter fosters brain connectivity:

Not all laughter is the same, does decoding a laughter is an insightful task which makes your brain to work in different directions  and extract out all possible reasons behind a laughter thus, it also boost once brain connectivity.

Laughter is central to relationships:

A study shows that women laugh about 126% more than their male counterparts, while men seems to instigate laughter the most and there is an interesting application of those results to how relationships form and maintained.

Laughter increases resilience:

Resilience is the ability to se failures as natural progression to success rather than as a negative outcome. People who are resilient are happier and more successful.

So here are some quick hacks to bring laughter into your life:

  1. Make humour a priority by reading a funny book, watching a comedy or listening to your favourite comedian.
  2. Share laughter with friends. Spend time with people who make laughing a lot more interesting and easy going task.
  3. Practice laughter yoga or sethi practices
  4. Remember that life is funny and the ability to laugh at yourself makes you attractive to others and can help relieve your own stress.
  5. Focus on finding the laughable moments in your day and then tell a friend your funny story as a way to increase the power of laughter by sharing
  6. And the most important out of all the tips, know what isn’t funny. Laughing at expense of others isn’t funny. Be discerning about your humour by laughing with people not laughing at people.


Well, this is a debatable topic already since generation we are informed and groomed to be a nice human being and not indulging into physical intimacy and head paining relationships. Howeve,90% of the people rather students come into relationships goes through ups and downs and hardly few of them get through it and that’s where true love is being differentiated from  just an attraction and in this process out of the two who actually loved goes through   a real time struggle. That particular person actually have to maintain a balance between his all other lives May it be academic emotional, social or else, and that’s what makes you stronger and the bravest person.

No one from our parent’s generation considers hook-ups as a good thing rather, they wholeheartedly believe in love and then making love to each other but not just physical intimacy without emotions. However, our 19’s generation have been divided into different tiers there are some who love this culture then comes the other breed who are neutral in their approaches neither apposing nor following then come the third category who are downright opposer of  this trend. Thus, everyone have their reasons for the favour they have chosen for themselves. As I have already mentioned it’s a debatable topic rather than a topic to be briefed about.

However, going by physical intimacy without that bond of love in between never proved right, neither it has further life. It finishes right after it starts. There is no feeling of belongingness and neither of commitments. That’s actually shows youth weakness as well as stark reality that today’s generation can’t be as disciplined and determined as some of the great people used to be. Discipline here should not be confused with just being well behaved rather it also means well mannered human being with utmost humanity as a prior thing. Being a Hollywood lover I myself have watched movies which started as a hook-up show but later converted into a love story. Where both the partners  understood the meaning of love and started caring for their significant other rather than only hungry for sex. After an intensive research regarding the similar stories it has been concluded that no doubt these hook-ups give a heavenly pleasure, but they also snatch your mental peace away. When one partner emotionally connects with the other partner. He or she has to go through the real trauma.

I would request my dear readers to believe in love, care, affection and belongingness rather making you a sex maniac. Personality should create a bond rather than physicality. You exclude  ‘sex’ out  you will find not many individuals have much to offer apart from the love and pestering. Thus, believe in humanity follow the religion of humanism rather than sexism. To add on, this inclination for sex affects your future somewhere or other. You can’t be as much real to your future wife or husband as your past  keeps walking along all the while. You hardly find peace and being unabsorbed by some of your guilt’s.

In nutshell, direct your energies into productive tasks. Create something beautiful out of you. Have standards for having fun. If you want to have fun,  choose some hobbies. There is so much in this world to have fun with, So many activities to involve in, So many movies to watch, so many games to play and enjoy. However, don’t make physical intimacy as a fun activity. Physicality is related to supreme connection of two souls thus, this should always be pious.




Carrying a desire of being fit and fine but due to our own mood swings and for some not so necessary purposes we tend to ignore the important things though, exercing daily may not be an important thing for many people. As different people possess different shapes and size but here the attention is to be shifted on those who  have  an ultimate  need to work out daily as their body types demand it.

Some people remain dejected from their own self for having being granted a body type which gains weight quickly. However instead of taking that in a negative way people should get an inspiration to workout daily for the same.

Out of many there are some of the excuses which children, adults and juvenile make.

BODY PAIN:                                    

When it comes to workout no doubt it leaves a person completely exhausted. It other words it leads to the formation of lactic acid in once muscles which further cause severe pain. However, the only way to let that pain out is to continue the ritual of exercising daily but due to laziness some people leave in between and thus exercise doesn’t impact their body much.


Life is always busy. However, what matters is which business you like or which is not. When one become fully inspired to include health in their way then there comes an inner power to get up and start workout.


There are levels of sickness if a person is sick to a great level then giving a excuse is apt. however, tiny and small sickness does not matter to that extant. In fact, a light workout rejuvenates your body and makes you feel energetic. Also, it cures you much faster.


People some time excuse of not having appropriate material required to workout. Such as, proper shoes, track suits and other materials. Leaving all this to a side people should realize that life is much  better and beautiful on the other side of small unworthy excuse.



some people  always wonder how few people remains so healthy and fit always? how they can resist the temptation for the mouth watering and delicious food? how they start and spend their day be as energetic as at the start of the day. dear friends these habits are acquired  with persistent  and continuous efforts being put in by these such highly healthy people. The following are some of the points which makes some people highly healthy.


Will is an utmost important factor in deciding the shape , health status of any person. As the famous saying goes “what we think we become” so healthy people always carry an intense desire as well as will to stay healthy as they are.

Now some people may can oppose the point by stating that everyone carries the same will to be healthy but, you should not forget that  their is a slim line difference in having a will to be healthy and having a desire to be healthy. Desire in itself  does not serve the purpose rather it should also be supported by persistent and diligent  effort to start carrying the goal of being healthy  hand in hand with other modus operandi.

Quick Stealing of Time for your Health Goals:

The above point is also one of a crucial matter to put focus into. In case you are an aspiring health freak. Friends, life is a running train it will always be busy so the excuse of being busy prevents you to be healthy then this is the silliest fact on which one hangs on. Every person should steal a few minutes to do some exercise which fit to his present status and convenient as per his place available and vicinity.

Compare your present body types with past once:

Its always said that we should not compare our body shape and size with other we should always carry a positive state of mind. However, comparing your past self with your present self is neither immoral nor unconscionable rather it makes you aware regarding your progress in terms of health as well as weight. In case you have gained a bit of weight in your present self than what you had in your past self. Then, comes a time to think about and analyze rationally the question like

What was the change in eating habits which let to such change?

What were the behaviour and daily tendencies which led that to happen?

What changes has to be made in the behaviours so that the past self can be retrieved back?

Clothes speak without the tongue:

Your clothes can better tell you your health status then any other person. Infect, they are the first indicators to show that a transformation has occurred in your body. So whenever you find such transformation has taken place start to take the measures in advance so that the health will not het deteriorated more.







Hey! You are a solace

You are in a

busy schedule

You are among friends

You are in a piece of poem

You are in that cognizant night

You are among those giggling photos

You are among those long conected tales

You are in that morning schedule

You are in those absorbing movies

You are in these instagram feeds

You are among those popped up facebook notifications

You are in all thrilling novels

You are in that slow steady walk to a nearest community park

You are in those motivational quotes

You make me to live the moment more and leave the past behind

Be so powerfull to engulf me all

Because you make me see things beyond then what has already been done

Be with me always

Am loving you more

A lot lot more….