Opinions should matter….

Don’t spoil someone else time

If you can’t afford spoiling yours.


Just be free from the past people!!

Be that little beautiful butterfly

Explore the circumstances,

Confront with the conditions,

Gather Guts,

Because you are the bestest thing that happened to you rest all is secondary

You are the primary objective to the whole you

Don’t you make an effort to touch the periphery of dark dinzy arena

Enter into the glittering lights

Optimistic smell,courageous building, free air

Just bee happyyyyy✌✌🎉🎉

Being casual about any task in life is the next step to distruction..

It can be in anything either in acedemics or in relationships

Make sure what exactly you are trying to exract out from being casual without the indulgence and doing harm to the other body connected with the same state of affair.

10 signs that he only wants to sleep with u

1)The guys who just want sex from a girl often don’t divulge details about their lives they keep it to them selfs and tell u the most basic stuff
2) Those who do late night musy text don’t feel that they Are interested in u rather they r just trying to make u agree for the sex
3)whenever he complements u its never about how funny you r or how smart u r
However, how hot u r and how much well u will look naked these are not the compliments from someone who needs more then ur body try to understand the difference.
4)while conversing he always ends up talking about sex and all the dirty and naughty stuff
5)Even if you try to get the things back on track , he will distract you with sex talk and you will end up sexting
6)He only text u late at night or when he wants to hookup basically,you r pulling the weight in the relationship untill it comes to sex.
7)He never ask serious questions about u ,whenever u talk its always the same old stuff
8)He doesn’t really make an effort to get to know you.Infact he doesn’t even know you at all .
9)Your most of the dates are inside home not out and if you complain then all what he will.say is he wants to curl up more with u
10)You don’t feel like he actually cares about you
We have instincts for a reason and if you feel like he only wants you for sex then he might.
Believe me if a guy cares about you you all know it.
Knowing the signs he just wants sex can save you a lot of trouble, drama, and heartache.