You possess satiety and the ultimate solace
No humiliations, no clashes
No dislikes,no hates

A lot of cheers
Dances with the happy glares

Mommy prepares you,the bestest Foods
Sisters check out, the handsome T.V dudes
Your brother actually, sucks you the most
Converts you into a burning toast

T.V remote is indeed, a priced possession
Everyone wants to hold, with full satisfaction

Papa sits in to a corner like a non entity
If kids howl and shout its mother’s guarantee

Friendly fights are the usual affairs
We have our best truth and dares
When we start our legitimate art works
We indeed need every colour truck

Make up lessions with dance tutorials
You can imagine the rest factorials
It’s so cool to have more sisters
We practice , we read to be next ministers
Home made facials and aloevera gel
If this isn’t regular at your home
I am ringing the surprised bell

Youngest siblings always rule
Annoying everyone for them
Is super duper coool!
Mamma is everybody’s lucky charm
Gives the tutorials better than Instagram

Papa checks your productivity graph
And you know what?
It only reaches to draft
Mention your every useless task
Yet gather all the materials
For your needed craft

…by Sofia Malik

My College Squade

Meet my comfy and cheerful space
With lot of glittering grateful grace
Stars of their respective states
With distinguished speciality traits

One shares all the chattery jokes
To cheer the passive folks

Another comes who
Gives you a pretty woo
Reacts in ages
Thus counted among sages

Then comes this naughty sub group
From the tiny main group
They ignite the conversations
With full preparations
And, target a sweet chin
Then proceed with thick and thin

One gives the best available advice
But that actually doesn’t suffice

When I go almost haywire
Stuck in the dingy and  dark tiers
I call my best benevolent fits
They resolve all the gloomy spirits

One is the  excellent study mate
‌Another is an overall opposite trait
‌one feels like, the second home
Another prepares you, the best for prome

You chaps have , all my heart
I am there for every momental tart
Apologies for my unintentional deeds
A friend in need is the friend indeed

—-Sofia Malik

How to stop procrastination?


1) The things which are important remain always in our subconscious brains. However,we Find ways to escape them over and over again,such as, A random scroll on your Instagram feed,or switching over to a thought which has no connection with the important task you thought to procrastinate.

In order to stop wasting time give yourself a simple thought.Start talking to yourself because everyone knows himself better than anyone else in this world.You know your potential,your weakness, your all the habits.So, start step by step.
Ask  yourself why you are escaping the thought of doing something productive? Is it too difficult that if you start you won’t be able to continue?

In such case start searching for the people who will help you out with the difficulty further,and a very crucial point to consider is ego.It should not interfere in your learnings put that to a side and be humble enough to accept the fact that you can’t make head and tails turn for the topic or a piece of academic stuff and so, taking help from someone is the bestest decision you can make.

2) Another question which can trigger your brain is that, the productive stuff will take       hell lot of time?
So for  this excuse of yours, I would suggest you to believe in the process, anything productive takes time, you distracted, you come to path , you loose upon some other things, you feel frustrated for things not happening  the way you wanted, despite all that,  you gain resilience to start again.
Thus, all of this takes time, at the end you have to trust the process and stop making your distractions wide enough to engulf you into them and leaving the mission aside.

3) If you aren’t feeling like doing the task  but you actually want to do it. then start with the simplest activity required to step ahead in the task. For instance, If you want to take bath but you are not feeling like, then try getting up from the bed not with the motive of taking bath but just to change the mood, after getting up you will realise, its better brushing your teeth and thus, you will be accustomed to water, in order to proceed further, start deciding the clothes you want to wear after bath, take them out from your wardrobe, little by little head on to accomplish the task and feel greatful from within that you are actually doing it. Finally, you will be in a position to do it. This was just an example, however every work follows the same principle. Now you know why people become all rounder they actually follow the same principle in the very normal day to day task.
At the end, things which aren’t of our likings take time but we can actually accomplish them too if we are willing to.
Everything depends on ones willpower that should be the strongest amongst all,  little by little we start to gain perseverance, and patience to reach the destination.

More Self love

In all exuberance

In unbothered pranks

Satiety in cold bath tub

I lost self love


Asking for acceptance

With rude ,cruel world

Hanging on the people

In unusual relations

I lost self love


Adieu to less sugarated tea

And low carbs milk

To be okay with less veggies

And marginally less fruit plump

I lost self love


Engrossed in readings

In unreciprocated pleadings

In unchanted discussions

I lost self love


With the desire to meet

And share some greets

With the hope of good times

Without the Amazon primes

I lost self love


With the uncertainty of love

And more dark bluff

Giving what all it takes

Not getting the favoured efforts

I lost self love


In some lovable scene

And the  environment so serene

In those cozy hugs

I lost self love


With the expectation of obvious times

In a wood or under a pine

With a promise to care a heart

Without getting well regards

I lost self love


Little by little knowing my  worth

Using my loopholes, to raise the trends

Then came a point

And the whole game changed

—by sofia Malik


Let’s meet with a peculiar personality

Looks beautiful,attractive but not at all fatty

Has developed an apprehension with several foods

No guy, no baby, but calls always dude

Her clothes are trendy,classic and simple

T-shirts, Lowers are all in ample

Her heart really has a charming character

Brain hardly gets distracted and endured in a lively gesture.

Almonds, sweets, healthy foods she goes for

Ohh! I forgot to mention  the cravings for  fruits is always more.

Hey Mis Life!

Got my wits
And all routine chits
All those time tables
But not dark lables

Gone are the days
When we used to be kid
Slaying here and there
With bottles lid

Transformation from school
To the college confluence
From that home feels france
To the unknown rental trance

With Many new friends
And a handful of Jems
Life goes dragging
Or follows pompous trends

Flooding to the shades
And solving all trades
In those emotional threats
Without exchange prospects

If I talk to you more
Am not a women but a whore
If I do on face flirt
Am a full on slut!!

If I love cooking
My mind is a creamy pudding
If am that intellectual breed
Then what cast and creed?

I pity you for..
Always being wrong.
I am the Queen..
Who can win thrones

My man should keep me
Like a precious delight
Coz I stand always
By his side

I gather all guts
To profess his victory
I forgo my choices
To keep him happy

We both are players
Let’s have a fair play
Spread respect and purity
Don’t do more delay

___Sofia Malik