Ways to forget a person.

1) hey gloomy human we can understand the type of emotional trauma you must be going through however do remember “Nothing last forever not even you!” so does your feelings for the one who did not loved you back

2) Pledge with yourself that you will become the love you never received.

3) Stop counting on your flaws, it may be you never had one .It’s just that the other person lost all his attraction towards you.

4)Promise youlself to keep your life flexible in the comming lifespan. Accept the fact that rejections are farely normal we all should be ready for it in advance.

5) Don’t always keep feeling sad for not happening things in the order you dreamt of.Life isn’t this,it’s even more to it ,its enagmatic, inimical, uncertain, and unexpected but still Hella beautiful 💫.

6) Whenever you remember your lost love keep a phrase in handy to repeat again and again within your mind. Such as “Everything will be okey” ,
“No matter what am strong”,
“More self love baby” ,
“I am me more more me”

7) Cry out hard if you feel like crying.Crying isn’t the sign of being
weak, infact it’s the mechanism where you Vomit out all the hurt, pain and anguish in the form of tears.
There are people who don’t actually get the tears and die small deaths day by day.
Thus, it’s always better to destroy the shit rather being destroyed by it.

8) Don’t ever think of taking the revenge that’s actually kills your time and again you are giving worth to the other person more despite investing the same time on your self improvement.

9)Just because you are hurt and want someone’s campanianship so you are deciding to come again in to an another relationship to escape  the pain. This doesn’t actually serve the purpose rather engage with some other only when you are ready to leave everything behind and won’t be at all affected if the previous partner came in to your life and you are too very sure that you won’t allow them again to snatch your peace.

10)Keep yourself busy in productive tasks fill your day with such a routine that once you hit the bed you finally be sleeping within few minutes. This prevents late night
Feelings huphazards and sleep deprivation and also makes your life a little better and effective.

‌11) Whenever you feel sad and nostalgic go to people who make you forget your sadness, do things which give you solace such as a light walk around visinity, if you are  a writer write something out, if you are a latent singer sing something out loud, if you are an introvert  watch a funny video, if you are a reader read a piece of writing.Do anything which will help you out in distancing with the  negativity and despondense  however, make sure its something productive but not felonious and forbidden.

‌12)I know nothing is as  easy as it looks on the face of it,however you will do it little by little.If the efforts are taken in a right direction with a matured mindset nothing is far more supirior then your willpower.May you will be relieved with the depression eating you up, the uneasiness restricting your potential, and the dark shedows holding you back.

‌13) Towards the end, I would say
‌ “स्वस्थ रहो, मस्त रहो और व्यस्त रहो!!”

Be healthy, be cool, be busy!!

‌”Be healthy, Be cool, Be busy”

Hope shines the soul

Hey Miss rosy silent….

Your initial years were quite vibrant

Then came that  atrocious phase.

Where you met a toxic trait.


You admired him the most

But he was a roasted toast

Never valued you the way you should be

And little by little you lost your innate bee


No cheers , no chattery

You became a low morale battery

Imagery, past and shit ran more.

You brain became a dark black hole.


Day by day you gathered guts

Rose like a hurricane

With a peaceful thud.


You gave a new birth to you

By you!

For you!

Then lined the whole world in a perfect queue.


Hey you stress  less and laugh a lot more.

Don’t you follow your past anymore

Peace come to those who thy seek.

A self proclaimed prisoner can never be released.


OH! My sweetheart

You are a lighting lamp.

Shine bright like a sun.

Be cheerful like a lamb.






It wasn’t a dream

Neither it was reality

Though made me excited apparently

Filled me with joy inherently


Few things I knew back then

Their will gonna be people with knowledge Den


One was lanky

Another was cranky

One was hot headed

One was a little faded

One was calm

Another was composed

I met everyone with a smile bronzed



Let’s now come to working space

Cabins all around

With a petite place

AC’s on the roof top

With an increased full speed

Will make your body hair shiver down

Like a helpless geek


Then comes that luncheon hour

Some rush to canteen with their spicy cauliflower

Other lot just sit, on their assigned tables

Open their lunches

With those glittering giggles


OH! OH! OH! I missed the reception hustle

Have to enter my name

With that hazy hustle

Though I go everyday

Hanking or planking

Yet that guard has to check my belongings

I was like AHHA! Am a lady with credentials

But can’t do anything

It’s their duty to be confidential


It was an experience to be cherished after all

Met knew people in this little knoll

I will gonna miss every personality

Everyone blended something into my potentiality!










I am a mixed blend

And obviously in a trend

Those orthodox uncles aunties

Who throw their pun.

Barely know am an awesome Fun.


Finance all around

With a clinch of law

All debit credits

Make mind blow


Vouchers vendor waiver warranty

Can’t be covered in a single entry

Endorsement, Draft, Dividend and Depreciation

Everything has a charming association

Oh! Oh! I missed the basic algorithm

Debit all expenses

Credit every income


Acceptance of bills, Agreements and Annuity

All accommodations are done with genuinity.

Assets, Assessment, Bad Debts and Balance Sheet

Auditors peep in with a vigilant feat


HR, Stocks, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

I cover everything that builds community relationship

Finance has its own widest place

Every CA actually undergoes its grace

All corporate have their top trace

Where CA’s , CS’s and MBA’s confidently embrace


Okay dear readers

Let’s swim into taxation

What makes it complicated are “Deductions” and  “Exemptions”

The list is long to that extant

So, make your mind not a bucket rather a big tank

But, still its interesting,

Interesting as Hell!!

Practical feels more engaging who cares MAXWELL!!



These businesses and start-ups are actually my invention

SWOT analysis indeed requires a great attention

I generate employment

From the start to the end

Working class rush to CA’S

To file ITR at the year end

Now you know am crucial to the economy

So, make me your friend but not an enemy.




ए जिन्दगी मुझे फिर से बच्ची बनादे

एक नन्ही गुड़िया दिला दे

सब ले मुझे गोद में खेले मुझ से

वो पल जिन्दगी में फिर से ला दे

हर बात पर रोना।

फिर माँ का चुपाना कविता सुनाकर पिता के गोद में जाना

हँसना खिलखिलाकर शोर मचाना।

यूँ करना बहाने पढ़ने के नाम पर।

चिंता से मुक्त होना जीभर के खाना।

कहाँ हैं वो पल कहाँ खो गए हैं।

क्यूँ मुझे इन के जवाब नहीं मिल रहे हैं…






To the tiny tiny tales

To the big bold frail

To the all dusky nights

To the evenings so bright

To the afternoons plight

My peppy peppy thanks


To the copious rains

To the clear skies

To the blunt replies

To the gray green lies

My peppy peppy thanks


To the cranky teacher

To the generous maid

To the snow mermaid

To the real long braids

My peppy peppy thanks


To the unpaid attention

To the annoying mentions

To the all messy stuff

To the all dark bluffs


My peppy peppy thanks

To the all trendy clothes

To the blanket so soft

To the fine all sleeps

To the lot of creeps


My peppy peppy thanks

To all those breakings

To all those ignorance

To all those feelings

To all those pleadings

My peppy peppy thanks


To the unexpected patching

To the unknown gaps

To the room cum flats

To the natty natty pranks

My peppy peppy thanks


To the light  lilly flowers

To the dark red rose

To those all good people

To those ‘used to’ grapples

My peppy peppy thanks


To the small due drops

To the freshening air

To the natures miracles

To the bumping glares

My peppy peppy thanks


To all cute faces

To those all mute places

To that dumpimg ground

The the piercing sound

My peppy peppy thanks.




A pen to mixed Emotion

When the path diverges

Direction fads

Fog seems everywhere

Happiness deteriorates

Sleep becomes unexpected

Cravings goes away

Time becomes too much

To blow and eat away

Great are those who knows all these

Champion are those who acts not preach

Gallant are those who come out easily

 From the vicious circumstances which look so cranky

Head fast in life

Without a single thought

But always remember one thing

A fish can climb a tree is an abstract quote

Cater yourself with a wrinkled strokes

Furry can make champions no doubt

But satisfaction blocks


These well wishers are problem at times

Plant an “issue” tree without roots and wines.

One part says put them to a side

Other says, gooo deep for a ride.

Both partsare beyond my comprehension

But, the middle part is full of tribulations.

Let me narrate you in simple words

                   It started at home with milk and curd.

Papa boiled with rage as he usually does

Mamma could not convince,became grievous.

The thread converted in to a reel gradually

Relationship comes in to picture with a missing factor actually.

Deprived of understanding, care and love

Interrogations occur every time over and above.

Sorry to mention the fact so cheap

But, can’t wear this much

Its an overloaded heap!!

May God give them peace and serenity

So that the happy memories go to eternity

Love should hover all over the vicinity

That would gonna be the real tranquility.

By…. Sofia malik

Dear All Feminist,

Being feminist doesn’t at all mean that you do anything and claim that right in the name of feminism. Rather it means to be as Passionate and ambitious about your dreams as any one couldn’t be who forsee a successful future. Also, it’s not at all mean to degrade the other gender but to make them realize that we don’t fight for for equality rather we fight for opportunities, for space ,for the pious affirmations and for clean sight from the world around rather then being looked as a sex object. Further, as far as equality is concerned, it is needed when two things are of same kind. But here, you are complete within yourself, U ARE ENOUGH! Male and female are as essential as food and water, they both are different but you can’t live if any of them snatched away from you.


The proverb laughter is the best medicine means that laughter is the best way to recover. The  implication of this proverb is that laughter is better at curing us than other things. Medicine here means more generally a cure, or something that makes you feel better. It could mean a cure to a physical ailment or psychological ailment. Recent studies on laughter shows that laughing with others releases endorphins in the brain (our home-grown fuel chemical ).via Opioid receptors.

Laughter fosters brain connectivity:

Not all laughter is the same, does decoding a laughter is an insightful task which makes your brain to work in different directions  and extract out all possible reasons behind a laughter thus, it also boost once brain connectivity.

Laughter is central to relationships:

A study shows that women laugh about 126% more than their male counterparts, while men seems to instigate laughter the most and there is an interesting application of those results to how relationships form and maintained.

Laughter increases resilience:

Resilience is the ability to se failures as natural progression to success rather than as a negative outcome. People who are resilient are happier and more successful.

So here are some quick hacks to bring laughter into your life:

  1. Make humour a priority by reading a funny book, watching a comedy or listening to your favourite comedian.
  2. Share laughter with friends. Spend time with people who make laughing a lot more interesting and easy going task.
  3. Practice laughter yoga or sethi practices
  4. Remember that life is funny and the ability to laugh at yourself makes you attractive to others and can help relieve your own stress.
  5. Focus on finding the laughable moments in your day and then tell a friend your funny story as a way to increase the power of laughter by sharing
  6. And the most important out of all the tips, know what isn’t funny. Laughing at expense of others isn’t funny. Be discerning about your humour by laughing with people not laughing at people.